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Updates and a question.

A long time ago (May 14, to be exact), I had the exceedingly pleasant opportunity of speaking with a roomful of Ohio librarians and library professionals about nonfiction. I know. Eight hours to talk about nonfiction. It was like a dream come true. Mr. CR can only bear to talk with me about nonfiction for five minutes tops, so you better believe I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Those librarians were nice enough to look at some nonfiction books with me and list some attributes they thought the books offered to readers, and I had always promised to update the web page we used as an outline to share their comments. That page is now updated, and also includes a list of questions about reading from the book The Solitary Vice, which I thought were a great way to start thinking about reading (but which we ran out of time on the 14th before we could discuss them).  The page is at:


And the new info is at the bottom. Everyone in Ohio, if you're still visiting here, thanks again for such a lovely and informative day.

In other news, if anyone else out there is a library-type person or runs book groups, the other day I asked a question over at the Reader's Advisor Online blog, and didn't hear any answers. Does anyone here have any thoughts on ready-made book group questions, and why they're so important? I myself chafe at being told what to ask of readers, so I wondered how everyone felt about that.

That's all she wrote. Have a great weekend, everyone. I wish I could report I'll be woman enough not to watch Pride and Prejudice on PBS this Sunday night when they show it for the nth time, but I won't be.