Back on the Irvine Welsh train.
It's Menage Time!

Interesting casting.

Last night I saw a preview for the new movie Yes Man, starring Jim Carrey.

And I thought, that's interesting, I wonder if it's based on the Danny Wallace book Yes Man. So I wandered over to my best pal, the Internet Movie Database, and indeed, Wallace and his book are listed among the screenwriters.

Wallace Even if you're not going to see the movie (I may not, as I'm not a huge Jim Carrey fan) I would heartily recommend the book, which is about Wallace deciding to say "yes" to everything he's asked for a whole year. I read the book a long time ago, but one incident that sticks with me is Wallace sticking with his plan, even in the middle of a pub fight: "Do you want to get punched?" To which, of course, he had to answer yes. Wallace is a decidedly British author, with what I think of as a distinctly British sense of humor (I think the British, by and large, are funnier than Americans. I know. I'm a total traitor to my nation.), so it might be interesting to see how this movie works with Carrey in the title role. But I still may skip it just to take time and re-read the book, or Wallace's earlier title, Join Me, in which he placed an ad in the paper asking for people to "Join Me!" He didn't tell them what for, or anything. Do consider reading either book--they're both a lot of fun.