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Potshot at Thomas Friedman.

In yesterday's comments TheBunlessLibrarian pointed out, rightfully, that it's been a while since I panned a book. I'm not sure why that is, really, unless it's been because I'm reading more novels, and it's harder for me to dis novels. Maybe because I don't know them as well? For whatever reason, it's just not as fun to rip into novels as it is to rip into badly written or sell-out nonfiction.

So, in lieu of a cranky review, I'd like to offer a link to the animated cartoon Get Your War On*, which is not only hilarious, but also offers a couple of cheap shots at both Ayn Rand and Thomas Friedman. My hate for Thomas Friedman has only increased with the publication of his new book,Flat, Hot, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution--and How It Can Renew America. That guy is such a tool. Here's the thought process: Hot Topic + My Pointless Thoughts on Them = Instant Bestseller that I can issue in hardcover, then reissue in hardcover in a revised edition and charge even more, which is how I milked the public with The World Is Flat!

To sum up: enjoy the cartoon, don't read Thomas Friedman, have a great weekend.

*Please note: This video is not to be watched at work unless you have earphones, an office door, or both. You should also avoid it if profanity bothers you.