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You're killing me, Internet Movie Database.

Yes, yes, I admit it: I've still been watching rather more TV than is good for me. Blame what seems to be a ridiculously slow healing process, if you will. That's what I'm doing. This weekend I continued my tour through 80s and 90s TV by watching episodes of Remington Steele, Mad About You*, and Northern Exposure, which were all shows I enjoyed the first time around.

So whenever I watch old TV shows and movies, I often take a troll through the trusty old Internet Movie Database and check out what the stars have been doing since. And you know what I found? IMDB.com now offers some full episodes of old shows, just like YouTube, including episodes of Remington Steele and NewsRadio. This is the worst possible news for a freelancer who works at home, largely online, and has a video weakness.

So today will mostly be spent trying NOT to think about full episodes of NewsRadio just one small mouseclick away. Damn you, IMDB!

*Today's funny "everything's connected" story: I watched an episode of Remington Steele, and then I watched an episode of Mad About You. In the Mad About You episode, one of the male characters said, "You know who I had a dream about? Pierce Brosnan. Have you ever seen an episode of 'Remington Steele'?" I thought that was pretty hilarious.