Career hazards.
Good on you, Chuck.

We have a Menage!

Nobodies Okay, the votes are in, and the readers have spoken. Our Book Menage (the discussion will start on Monday, December 1) books are:

Nobodies: Modern American Slave Labor and the Dark Side of the Global Economy, by John Bowe; and

How To Tell When You're Tired: A Brief Examination of Work, by Reg Theriault.

I'm quite excited about this choice--nicely done! A few things to keep in mind while reading: What questions do you have about these books? What do you really want to ask other readers of these books? We don't do any wishy-washy discussions here at Citizen Reader (I once went to a book group where we all had to go around the circle and say something positive about the book first--and I still haven't recovered from that bullshit), so don't be afraid to mix it up.

Theriault In other news, the last time I posted about John Bowe's book, he actually commented, so he might be amenable to answering more questions if we ask him nicely. We can try, anyway.

So thank YOU for voting, and happy reading. Remember to invite some friends--anyone who comments at the Menage is automatically entered in the drawing to win the two books of the next Menage.