The occupational hazards of proofreading.
MENAGE! "Nobodies" and "How to Tell When You're Tired"

Friday Free Associating: Music and NYTimes edition.

Here's a nice little song to enjoy before your weekend (listen at least through all three of them singing together):


Wow. Also: The New York Times Notable list is out, and it's totally boring. I have decided that the New York Times Book Review has no relevance to my life at all. Case in point? Julian Barnes's Nothing to Be Frightened Of is on it, and I'm in the process of reading that and being completely underwhelmed. I'm getting really tired of old men atheists and agnostics telling me all about their lack of religious beliefs (Barnes, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett), particularly since it seems to guarantee them a spot on the Notable lists. Annoying. And, might I ask, where are all the woman atheists? I'd love a book on atheism by a woman, just for a change of pace. Think on this.

Have a great weekend all, and remember to finish up John Bowe's Nobodies and Reg Theriault's How To Tell When You're Tired. The Menage starts first thing next Monday!! I can't wait.