There are few things more disappointing.
The Christmas haul.

I already didn't get what I wanted for Christmas.

All I wanted for Christmas was for David Wroblewski (he of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, one of the Worst Books of 2008) to never write another book. According to the news over at the Reader's Advisor Online, I'm not getting what I wanted, and he's writing another book.

Netherfield I also was hoping it would stop snowing for a couple of days around Christmas, and if you live in the Midwest, you can see how that hope is working out for me as well.

But, it's not over until the fat lady sings...or until the fat man drops down the chimney. I'm packing it in for the week to see some family, not have access to a computer, and rely almost entirely on comfort reading, includingThe Dark Is Rising and a Jane Austen imitation novel, Netherfield Park Revisited. Mmmmm comfort reading.

A merry Christmas to you all and a very festive holiday season and 2009. Here's hoping the fat man brings all of you what you want, and that you all have safe travels as well.