MENAGE! "Nobodies" and "How to Tell When You're Tired"
It's the most wonderful time.

Now that's what I call a book group!

Nothing much this morning. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in our Book Menage--it was awesome! (And the comments are still open, so if you missed the discussion last week, feel free to join the party in the comments section whenever you want!) Shortly I'm going to have the lovely and talented Mr. CR pick a name, and then I'll contact that person as our winner, who will receive the two books of our next Menage free of charge!

Speaking of, maybe we'll pick two lighter books for our next group. Anyone got any ideas? Likewise, does anyone have any suggestions for how long we should have to read the books before we discuss them? Anything else about the Menage that we could change to make it even better? Please do let me know. I already think it's a great book group, primarily because I don't have to clean my house, but I'm always up for suggestions.