The year's must-read.
Reading resolutions.

Too good not to post.

I wasn't going to post today, but Andrew Bacevich is blowing me away with his book The Limits of Power. As my brother would say, this guy is a super-talent. Consider this timely nugget, from the conclusion:

"At four-year intervals, ceremonies conducted to install a president reaffirm this inclination. Once again, at the anointed hour, on the steps of the Capitol, it becomes 'morning in America.' The slate is wiped clean. The newly inaugurated president takes office, buoyed by expectations that history will soon be restored to its proper trajectory and the nation put back on track. There is something touching about these expectations, but also something pathetic, like the battered wife who expects that this time her husband will actually keep his oft-violated vow never again to raise his hand against her." (p. 173.)

Holy cow, Andrew, say what you mean, why don't you. I LOVE people who say what they mean. I love Andrew Bacevich.

All is not doom and gloom today: I'm doing some work and listening to Teddy Thompson, who is also a super-talent. Thanks for another great year of reading and talking about reading, and I hope your new year rocks at least as hard as this Thompson song.