Where has 84, Charing Cross Road been all my life?
MENAGE! Day one: Essays v. Short Stories.

It was bound to happen.

I suppose it was only inevitable. Somewhere between listening to Jane Eyre on tape in the morning, watching old episodes of the BBC series Men Behaving Badly at night, and watching clips of British comedian Russell Brand in between, I have started to think in a British accent.

No kidding. The other day I was looking at two work projects, and I thought to myself, "I don't fink I want to work on eiver of these jobs." (I don't know what region of Great Britain that accent comes from, but if you watch the Russell Brand clip below you'll hear what I'm talking about. Sigh. If only a whole foreign language were this easy to pick up.

And I would highly recommend watching this Russell Brand clip (two notes: language not appropriate for the workplace; and, when it starts, he's talking about his unpopular stint hosting the "VMAs"; MTV's Video Music Awards). Sure, he can be a bit bawdy, but this clip is quite funny and, if you listen closely, you'll hear that he's got quite the vocabulary.*

*Really. How often do you hear the word "tautology" in stand-up routines? I'm quite excited now to get my copy of Brand's My Booky Wook, for which I am on the library's waiting list.