MENAGE! Day one: Essays v. Short Stories.
MENAGE Day 3: Pretty pictures.

MENAGE Day 2: The Texts.

Might I just take a quick moment to thank everyone who participated in yesterday's Menage, and welcome you back for round 2? Yesterday was already such a pleasure that I feel a bit greedy asking for more, but I will.

Today's question is more in-depth about the text and writing of these two books: George Saunders's The Braindead Megaphone (TBM) and Steven Millhauser's story collection Dangerous Laughter (DL). It is, in a way, an extension of yesterday's questions about which book you liked better, and why, so feel free to expand on anything we discussed yesterday. Today's question is a stand-alone:

Did any particular piece of text* (or story, or essay) in either (or both) of these books really stand out to you? (Another way to ask this: did you bookmark or otherwise mark anything in these books as you read?) If so, why?

*Please feel free to generalize if you can't locate the exact text; paraphrase! We proudly support loosey-goosey and "close enough" here at CR.