This is why I don't get very far cleaning.
Golden week.


Well, let's just say I owe all of you big time!

That's right, I get to be one of several guest bloggers at the BookNinja site, which is not only a fabulous books and reading blog, but is also masterminded from Canada. That's right! My dream of being Canadian moves one step closer to fruition!

Thank all of you so much for your votes! As I told George, the editor at BookNinja, this is way better than my eighth-grade student council run, which ended in tears (but also, thankfully, a much clearer understanding of my social standing, or lack thereof, which actually made it a lot easier to get through high school). I don't know all of the details yet but we'll get to run amuck at the BookNinja site from July 2 through July 16.

I would say I will endeavor not to let the quality of Citizen Reader suffer, but let's face it, me and "quality work" have never been in the same room together anyway. (Ah--and there's the payoff in doing mediocre work and keeping everyone's expectations low!) I'll still be here, though.

Now, for the rest of the weekend, as another fine Canadian citizen would say, "Keep your stick on the ice. We're all in this together." And thanks again.