Great title, great author, great book.
This is why I don't get very far cleaning.


Okay, please do excuse the rather hysterical nature of the heading. But I am SO excited.

The story, in short: George over at BookNinja is going away for a couple weeks in July (to Ireland; I'm so jealous I could cry) and asked for applications for guest bloggers. So I threw in an entry, thinking I didn't have a shot in hell, but as you'll see, my entry gave me a chance to rag on Thomas Friedman, which I enjoyed. And George picked me as one of the candidates to be voted for!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, WOW WOW HOLY SHIT WOW.

BookNinja's an awesome blog, and I'd love to post there. So if you get a chance, please do wander over to the posting and toss a vote my way. I would be coy and just say I'm the entry making fun of Thomas Friedman, but as I am asking for a favor here, I have to stop playing hard to get. Please vote for "Sarah Statz Cords." (Or the cat lady. Her entry is pretty funny.)