Book Menage Day 1: Starting slowly.
Book Menage Day 3: Exclusively Bissell.

Book Menage Day 2: Exclusively Michael Perry.

Today I thought we'd consider Population 485 on its own. Tomorrow, if it's okay with you, we'll do the same with the Bissell, and then on Thursday we'll throw them back together.

So today's questions are pretty simple, again. Please answer any or all in the comments!

1. Do you feel like you know Perry after reading his memoir? If you could ask him a question, would it more likely be about his personal life or about his book (or is it hard to separate the two)? What question would you ask?

2.Which part of the book did you like, dislike, or remember the most? Why? (Spoilers are okay; but do feel free to write SPOILER ALERT at the top of your comment if you are so inclined.)

Okay, have at. Tomorrow: Exclusively Bissell.