Not smart enough for pop culture.
Amen, my retail brothers and sisters.

And the winner is...

...not me.

But that's okay. Let's hear a big round of applause for Eva, over at A Striped Armchair, who has won the Best Nonfiction Review Blog award over at the Book Blogger Appreciation Week website. Congratulations! The competition was tough; if you follow the top link in today's post, you'll see the other nonfiction review blogs that were in the running, and finding new nonfiction review blogs is always a good thing. Thanks to everyone at BBAW for running this contest, and I would like to particularly thank Care, over at Care's Online Book Club, for nominating me in the first place. (Thank you, Care!)

As long as I'm in a thanking mood, I'd also like to take a moment to thank all of you. I work at home now, and your comments and discussion are a large part of why I'm never lonely. (Which is a risk: the other day I realized I hadn't spoken with anyone all day, from when Mr. CR left in the morning until when he came home much later--it was one of the best days ever.) So THANK YOU. The Citizen Reader Blog Reader Appreciation Award belongs to all of you, with my very great gratitude.