Evidently I can be charmed.
Jesus Christ Almighty.

Book Blogger Appreciation Week.

Need to find some new book blogs to read? Might I suggest checking out the Book Blogger Appreciation Week website? The fine, dedicated-to-books folks (my favorite folks of all) there have been calling for book blog nominations; they are now running the voting for favorite blogs, and during the week of September 14-18, they'll reveal the winners. What they've done that's really lovely is provide a list of links to the nominated blogs, which is like a ready-made list of book blogging's greatest hits.

I in particular owe someone a big ol' heap of thanks, because someone nominated Citizen Reader for "best nonfiction review blog," which makes me very, very happy, and proud. Thank you! I have had a cranky week where books are concerned (more tomorrow), so that made my day. Please do consider voting for me if you have the time; otherwise, simply check out that great list of book blogs. Thanks should also be said to the tireless souls who run the BBAW process and websites; to see such dedication to blogging about books is a wonderful thing.