Ooh, bait and switch, tricky.
The Great British Adventure: Vacation Reading

Back to the workaday.

I apologize for the dearth of posting over the past couple of weeks, pleading deadlines, but I was not completely honest with you. The deadline in question was actually an Oct. 5 departure date for a long-awaited vacation to Great Britain.

If this revelation makes you dislike me, I can't blame you. Our trip to London and Edinburgh was wonderful, and worthy of all sorts of envy. All I have to say in my defense is that Mr. CR hadn't had any time off work for three years, and I had a rather rough year last year with health issues, so we decided to splash out. If you've never been there, I would highly, highly recommend it. The beauty and glory of the London Underground alone is worth the plane trip. (But then again, I have a love for subways bordering on the fanatical. Perhaps because I am the master of subways; when in them, I am very good--not infallible, but very good--at finding my way around and where I have to go. It's a nice change from aboveground, where I'm perpetually lost and couldn't find west or east to save my life.)

More in the coming week about what we saw, what we read, and how badly we are re-adjusting to normal workaday life.