Favorite publishers.
Now THIS is a book on certain death.

Blog forecast: Less than pithy, with sporadic posting.

Please forgive me over the next couple of weeks, as posting may be sporadic at best. I'm up against some more deadlines (pre-resolution for 2010: learn some time management skills, damn it*), and lately I have been engaging in more than just a little comfort reading, including a mix of things I've already read and a few new things that I just want to soak in, rather than talk about. Ever have phases like that, where you just want to think a bit and feel a bit less talking? Mr. CR wishes I had them more often, frankly, but I'm definitely in the middle of such a phase now.

As always, do feel free to check out any literary links in the sidebar, and might I humbly suggest a few of my favorites? There's the Reader's Advisor Online, of course, chock full of reading and new title news, and edited by the incomparable Cindy Orr; author Stacy Horn's wonderful and beautiful blog, offering nearly daily photographs of the beautiful metropolis of New York City; and of course George's site of Canadian and booky goodness, Bookninja.

*This resolution should really be rephrased as "stop getting sucked into YouTube, you weak, weak, girl."