Most Underrated Books of 2009
Worst books of 2009: A Sampling.

Bad mood.

Now, I know this is the season for joy and Christmas cookies, so I have no right to be in a bad mood, but I am. In between trying to meet work deadlines, finishing up baking, running to various family get-togethers, agreeing to other social commitments that I typically avoid but get guilted into during the holidays, and dealing with a temperamental computer, I have not had time for ANY reading for at least the past seven days. It is making me, not to put too fine a point on it:


How do people who regularly have no time to read stand it? I swear, if we ever get around to having kids, I am going to be the worst mother in the world, because if the choice comes down to driving the kids to piano lessons or reading a couple of chapters, I'm going to have to choose the reading just to preserve my mental health and theirs.

So, no reading news today, and no new lists. My heartfelt apologies. I am going to try and work efficiently this week, so I can return to the reading life soonish and get out of this book-deprived funk. In the meantime? A very healthy and happy New Year, filled with lots of good nonfiction books, to all of you.