Bad mood.
Letting it all wash over.

Worst books of 2009: A Sampling.

Dinosaur So the other night, the night of the bad mood I posted about earlier, I finished up work, and instead of staring at the TV, I decided to find something to read, damn it, and started Chuck Klosterman's latest essay collection, titled Eating the Dinosaur, which I wasn't really in the mood for. But I was determined to read something. And this is what I found, in the first essay (which is about Klosterman's writing career, much of which has been spent interviewing people):

"If given a choice between interviewing someone or talking to them 'for real,' I prefer the former; I don't like having the social limitations of tact imposed upon my day-to-day interactions and I don't enjoy talking to most people more than once or twice in my lifetime."

Come on. That's awesome. Just like that, my bad mood evaporated. I'm now halfway through the book, reading the essays I enjoy and skipping over the ones that aren't working for me, and it's LOVELY. Thank you, Chuck.

In other news, I posted a starter list of Worst Nonfiction Books over at the Reader's Advisor Online. I know it's a cheap move to send you to another site, but I'm honestly too lazy to reproduce the list here. If I find more ambition in the new year I'll add some titles to it and post it again here.

In the meantime? A Very Merry New Year to you all, each and every one.