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The problems with "more for less."

Go find a reader to hug.

In the next few days a friend of mine is leaving town. This is a good thing for him, as he is starting something afresh. I am happy for him. But I am also bummed, because, in addition to being a very nice guy, he is also a reader. It's always been a pleasure for me and Mr. CR to go out with him, because he reads nonfiction (for me) and science fiction and fantasy (for Mr. CR). He also worked in a bookstore, so we got to hear all the trends the bookstore workers wished would die. ("We all thought this Twilight thing would be over by now, but it just keeps going on!")

So: my only suggestion for today is that you appreciate and cultivate your reader friends. They're becoming increasingly rare, but when you find one, never let them go. And if you see any of your reader friends today, give them a hug. Then ask them to rip into James Patterson or Thomas Friedman with you.

And, a small aside to my friend: You will be much missed. "What falls away is always. And is near. I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow. I learn by going where I have to go." (Theodore Roethke, "Words for the Wind."*)

*I know, Kurt Vonnegut quoted it first, and better. It's still a fabo poem.