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WANTED: A few good bloggers.

So is anyone out there going to the Public Library Association conference next week in Portland, Oregon?

If you are, I have a great offer for you. Over at the Reader's Advisor Online blog we just put out a call for guest bloggers to email their impressions of the conference sessions they attend to us, which we will then post, with your byline. As an added bonus, Libraries Unlimited has offered a free book of the blogger's choice to anyone who has a conference report published. It's not a bad deal--blog posts are best when they're brief, after all, so if you do summarize a session for us and tell us what you thought about it, you get a free book for writing something that shouldn't take too long.

We're most interested in the sessions that have to do with reading, books, authors, and RA (all those programs were listed at RAO a few weeks ago), but we'll consider publishing a report of any session you attend. And please note--you do not have to be a librarian, a Library Journal Mover and Shaker, or other big name in the field. We're democratic at the Reader's Advisor Online, and we like to hear from everyone.

Have questions? Want to participate? Pretty please? Just comment below or email me at [email protected]. Thanks! (Oh--and if you know anyone who's attending, please pass on this announcement--the more the merrier!)