Not an instruction book I needed, but I'm enjoying it anyway.
Evidently you can go home again.

Easing into the weekend.

Not much reading news today, as I am still working on Daniel Nester's wonderfully surreal essay collection How to Be Inappropriate, and I just started a novel titled The Kingdom of Ohio, by Matthew Flaming, and it's too early to tell how that's going.

By the way, I LOVE the name "Matthew Flaming." What a great author name. Although I wonder if other little kids made his life a living hell with it through grade, middle, and high school.

In other news, I was perusing yesterday (love that site for pre-pub news) and found this tidbit:

"Sarah Palin’s publisher announced this week that she will release a new book in November (America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag). It is currently at #98 on Amazon."

Oh, brother. Someone's got a taste for publishing. I just don't know if I can look at two of the woman's books in one year, though. Seriously, if you haven't yet read the New York magazine article on Palin, please consider doing so now.

And that's all! Have a nice weekend, everyone, and remember to neglect at least one household duty in exchange for reading a book.