The rare kitty book I don't need to finish.
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That's right, today Citizen Reader officially turns 500 posts old. I think the old girl's holding up pretty well; to me she doesn't look a post over 499.

So, how to celebrate? By writing a really great and informative post about nonfiction in general? Providing a helpful list of theme- or subject-related books to start off the summer with? about using this opportunity to announce that I'm taking at least a week off of blogging?

Yeah, that last one's the one. I'm going to be quiet for just a bit and use that time to a. hopefully lose my general pissiness about (generally) reading, and (specifically) my career prospects; b. hopefully polish off some projects that have been bugging me and c. recharge. I'm hoping when I come back I will be able to report that I have found nothing but good nonfiction reading in the interim (I'm going to study a few genres too, just for fun: first up, Lisa Kleypas's romance Mine Till Midnight-- I don't know about you but I'm titillated already--and Karin Slaughter's thriller Blindsighted), and that everything that bugs me about e-readers has ceased to bug me.*

Oh, and I totally want to plan another Book Menage for a bit later this summer. Be thinking of what two books you'd like to read together, and feel free to suggest them already if you'd like to. I'm totally open as to the subject and style of our next paired reads, although one book should be nonfiction (of course).

And would you like to know the statistic I'm proudest of here at Citizen Reader? It's this one: the blog has had 500 posts, and 3934 comments. That is stupendous. Thanks to all of you who comment or have commented--if this blog is entertaining or educational at all, it has nothing to do with me. It has to do with all of you. Thank you--and see you soon.

*Kudos, once again, to Bookninja, who has perfectly summed up how I feel about e-readers: "I’ve always thought the Nook looked and operated (from what I’ve been able to glean) most like the kind of ereader I’d want to own, were I inclined to rent my books instead of owning them, of course." Ha!