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What was the point of this farming experiment, exactly?

Summer reading from someone who doesn't pay any attention to summer.

It was an exciting weekend at Chez Citizen Reader: I was honored to be quoted in our local newspaper's story about summer reading. Let's hear it for Kim, over at Sophisticated Dorkiness, who wrote the article: Kim, you did a nice job, and hey, it's always nice for book news to get a little space in the print media.

What was just a tad ironic about my part in the story was that, as I told Kim, I don't have kids and we don't take vacations or anything in the summer, so we hardly ever notice it IS summer, and because of that, I never really think of or read "beach reads."*

But Kim took all that information with good grace and a willingness to provide nonfiction title suggestions as well as fiction ones, and we had a lovely conversation all about the nonfiction we're reading, which was awesome. (Let's also hear it for my librarian friends Jane and Liz, also quoted in the article, who, as per usual, were more eloquent than me.)

All of this made up slightly for the fact that I couldn't find a damn thing I wanted to read this weekend--plenty of books around, but I just didn't enjoy anything I started. I'm hoping to turn that around this week.

And how's about you? Does summer constitute a different reading season for any of you? Got any big plans for reading this summer?

*Add this layer of irony: I hate beaches, as I can't swim and I abhor hot weather. And no, I'm not going to learn to swim. For one thing, I've already learned, and forgotten how; for another, when I could swim, all I did was get water in my mouth, always leading me to think, "why am I making it harder to breathe?" Plus, if I can't swim and don't go to the beach, I never have to buy a swimsuit. This plan has been working out splendidly for at least the last decade and a half of my life, and I don't believe in fixing what isn't broken.