She can really write, I'll give her that.
The Wars We Inherit.

A bit of housekeeping and Nathan Fillion as supertalent.

Good morning, all. I know Mondays aren't our favorite place to be but I hope you have a good week nonetheless.

Just a bit of housekeeping this morning before we get back to reviews: I have officially become a "Powell's Partner," which means that now, when you click on a book title link and go to the Powell's web site (which is where I have been linking anyway, as I am conflicted about Amazon), if you actually buy that book at Powell's, I will get a small commission. I will add this information to my "About" page as well. I just thought you should know. And--in case any of you do buy anything at Powell's after clicking through from here, THANK YOU.

And, just because, here's a fun video of (Canadian!) actor Nathan Fillion reading aloud from some of the saucy bits of the new Richard Castle mystery title. For those of you not familiar with this story, Fillion stars in a TV mystery drama titled Castle, about a mystery writer, and now they are starting to publish books under the fictional name "Richard Castle." It hurts me that Fillion is garnering attention for this role (I think the show is a total snore; and feel about it the way I feel about "Two and a Half Men"--happy that Jon Cryer is getting some success, but sorry he had to get it that way); he should have had kudos for his work on Firefly instead. But anyway. Enjoy the clip--the guy is pretty hilarious.