The great fiction reading adventure of 2010: Part 2.
The Great Fiction Reading Adventure of 2010: Part 3

A little announcement.

A little something different today, and then we'll finish up the great Fiction Reading Adventure of 2010, and get right back to nonfiction, I promise!

People who know my less-than-stellar work habits might question why I have been alluding to tackling various work projects this summer with such tenacity. Well, in addition to loving FINISHING jobs (always much more fun to me than starting them), I have been trying to plan ahead for an anticipated event this fall: the arrival of a Citizen PreReader, as I have decided to dub the baby boy or girl (we don't know which, yet) we are hoping to meet in a few weeks.

So why announce today? Well, sometimes it's fun to announce news on a Monday. And, for various reasons, we've been informed this baby might want to come into the world a bit early (is this kid going to be outgoing? It didn't get that from ME), so I wanted you to have some idea why posts might be interrupted in the coming months. And there you have it.

In other news, yesterday I was in my car in the grocery store parking lot, and a song came on that was so beautiful it turned my soul to liquid. It made me want to laugh and nap and scream and stand on a high windy cliff all at once. Do you remember hearing a song like that for the first time? I wish I could have it pumped directly into my veins through an IV, although then I would further wish that every time I heard the song could be the first time, because, although it is beautiful on subsequent hearings, nothin's quite like that initial listen. It's Dan Wilson's (formerly of Semisonic) "Free Life." Apologies if it's not your kind of music, but I wanted to share that too.

And that completes today's round of Baby and Tune News. Seems like a program I should develop for the E! Network or something.