Not quite sure I liked it until I finished it.
That pesky little issue of subject matter.

Housekeeping odds and ends.

Well, the saga of the new laptop computer is nearly over (or so she hopes). The new laptop is here, and I spent a good chunk of time over the past few days moving over old emails, old files, and setting up new Internet antivirus stuff and all that jazz. I'm pretty sure everything has been set up incorrectly, and that whatever steps I have taken against viruses will not be sufficient. But that is status quo on whatever computer I have. Mainly: my email is working, which took no small amount of finagling (I will not use either Outlook or gmail for my main email), so I'm going to mark this one up in the win column. And, I once again have sufficient computing power to watch YouTube videos. Let the time-wasting commence.

I do have one remaining question: Does anyone out there exclusively use Open Office for their Word document processing needs? I wouldn't mind skipping out on buying the Microsoft Suite all over again, but I don't know that I trust Open Office, either. Opinions, please.

Last but not least, I can also finally load the Huffington Post Books page (which wouldn't load, or loaded VERY slowly, on my old computer). So there the other day I found this fun article about the Most Overrated American Authors, and Jonathan Safran Foer was on it. This made me very happy.