Both ends of the spectrum: Death.
Quick reviews of books I haven't read.

Looking for a few good library staff members.

Just a short request today. Over at the other blog for which I write (the Reader's Advisor Online blog, edited by the fabulous Cindy Orr) we are thinking of doing a feature about reading and reader's advisory resources that actual library staff--you know the ones, the librarians and clerks and pages and everyone else actually working service desks in libraries--use for their own reference. It may be just me, but I am tired of reading the same old articles about RA and library service written by the same people (I include myself in this group) and would like to hear from staff actually "in the trenches."

If you have any interest in contributing to or discussing this feature (we're mainly looking for suggestions for blogs, books, web sites, etc., and other tools that you use, and why) please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks so much!