Authors you love even through their books that you don't.
CRjr 1, CR 0

A little announcement: the sequel.

It's of late last week, there's another little being in the world who we hope will love books and reading and text as he grows older (of course CR would prefer that he love nonfiction, but with all of Mr. CR's genre books around on bookcases, we'll see what develops).

We had a boy! CRjr is officially here*, and we are all recovering nicely. And we are very, very thankful.

The hospital stay went very well, but at one point it felt especially trying. At that point I fished out 84, Charing Cross Road from my backpack (I just thought it might be handy to have along), read a couple of pages in the bathroom, and immediately felt my world pop back into rightness. Once again, thank you, Helene Hanff.

Sorry for the lack of return commenting; the blog's been on autopilot as we try to get our respective acts together. But we'll be back! In the meantime, this pretty much sums up how we've been feeling (from J.D. Salinger, who I also almost took along, but didn't want to pack more books than clothes):

"Marriage partners are to serve each other. Elevate, help, teach, strengthen each other, but above all, serve. Raise their children honorably, lovingly, and with detachment. A child is a guest in the house, to be loved and respected--never possessed, since he belongs to God. How wonderful, how sane, how beautifully difficult, and therefore true."

*Sorry for the lack of pictures, but until he's old enough to sign a release form of his own volition, we'll respect his privacy. I may be a biased source, but: he's beautiful.