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Cute, but not a whole lot of substance.

Cat I knew when I saw the title Careers for Your Cat (by Ann Dziemianowicz and illustrations by Ann Boyajian) I would have to check it out. Mr. CR and I have spoken frequently about our own little furry freeloader, and how it's just about time she went out and made the living for us, as she has been sponging free food and lodging off me for fourteen years now. Which made this, in the introduction, all the funnier:

"I've seen it for far too many years. It's always the same scenario. You're toiling away at your job, putting in the overtime to bring home the bacon--and the Fancy Feast--and what is Fluffy, your freeloading, fat cat, doing?...

I'll tell what she isn't doing, she isn't raising one paw to help you." (p. 1.)

This is actually kind of a cute little gift book, consisting of the introduction, some questions under the heading "The Meowers-Briggs Career Test," and then a list of Career Options. The Career Options pages consist only of the job title and a few of the job attributes (Librarian: Polite and reserved, but not unfriendly; likes to curl up with a good book), plus great illustrations of kitty cats. Really, the pictures make the book. If you're the sort of person who's amused by drawings of fat cats wearing ties and other career-appropriate clothing (and I am) then you might still be charmed by this book; otherwise, there's not a lot of content here.