Introducing Mr. CR to Etsy.
On a real Diana Athill roll.

My mind is still shot.

It's official: my brain is mush. At least I'm not the only one--the other day Mr. CR was searching for a word himself (it turned out he was looking for "parallel"), and couldn't find it. I said, a-HA! Now you know what I am up against.

One of these years I hope to return to normal posting. As I am not yet back to normal reading, however, after the grand (and appreciated) entrance of CRjr to my life, it necessarily puts a crimp in what I can post. For a few weeks I was keeping up with nonfiction, but for some reason I now seem to be regressing to a non-reading fugue state. Thank god for my sister's gift subscription of New York Magazine; I love it and it's the only thing I'm getting read cover to cover. Today I read parts of it to CRjr, because as sweet as Sandra Boynton's book Moo, Baa, La La La is to read aloud, I found myself needing something a little juicier, and CRjr will just have to come along for the ride. In today's issue we learned about Jimmy Fallon (I editorialized just a bit; I am not a Fallon fan) and read in the "Neighborhood News" section that on the Upper East Side, "A thirteen-pound, two-ounce baby was born at Lenox Hill, the hospital's heaviest in 30 years." This was a tidbit of news we both enjoyed.

So: please hang with me. Eventually my reading brain's got to come back, right? Oh, and due to an uptick in annoying spam comments that I don't really have the time to delete manually anymore, I have tried to enable comment verification, whereby I ask you to verify a word when you comment, although I think (hope) you don't have to sign in or anything. Would you let me know if this new arrangement for commenting causes you any grief? Thank you!