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A little help, please.

Who wants to earn their keep as a reference librarian today?

My sister has asked me if there is any sort of manual or reference book about different TYPES of writing; not a grammar guide, mind you, but a book which might provide an overview of different types of prose writing (persuasive, essays, etc.) and/or one that might even include fiction or storytelling conventions. I told her I'd look around, meaning primarily in my basement (where most of my books are), as I thought at one time I had some sort of wire-bound book with just that sort of information in it.

I can't find anything, though, aside from my beloved copy of Strunk and White's Elements of Style, my outdated AP Style Manual and Libel Guide from my short, in-college-only journalism career, and a few other grammar guides. Anyone out there have any ideas on this one? What's in those MLA and APA style guides? Just rules for citation formats and things like that?

I will continue to look around places that aren't my basement as well, but in the meantime my sis and I thank you for any assistance.