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Worst Business Books 2010

Best Business Books 2010

My article on the best business books of 2010 has been published in Library Journal!

I had a great time doing the list this year; I got to read a lot of good business books. I wasn't as happy that part of my introduction to the article was cut, but I know the magazine has space constraints. A variety of cuts were made, but the paragraph that was cut wholesale was:

"This emphasis on the personal—personal financial responsibility, personal career development, and even the personalities behind the biggest business stories of the past few years—indicates that business books, along with all of us, are living in a world where the individual has many new opportunities, but also serious responsibilities and fewer institutional or governmental 'safety nets.'"

I worked on that paragraph a depressingly long time (it takes me forever to string together coherent thoughts these days) so I had to include it here. Next week I'll (hopefully) post a few reviews of some of the business books from the list I particularly loved. In the meantime, have a great weekend!