Let's hear it for the boys.
My latest love affair.

Snore, part two.

And now the nominations for the National Book Critics Circle annual awards are out.

Just like the ALA Notables list, I can't say there's a lot on this list I want to read*, which is a shame, because the NBCC has made some interesting choices in the past (please note my beloved Diana Athill won their award last year). I think I'm just starting to realize that I read and prefer nonfiction that's never going to win a lot of big awards--I like memoirs, essays, offbeat histories, business books, investigative titles (a category that particularly gets the shaft, in my opinion--why doesn't William Langewiesche** win more big awards?), some biographies...okay, well, I guess I like a lot of nonfiction types, but none of the specific titles I read are ever the big award-winning (or even nominated) titles. Typical. I always have to be opposite.

*But at least there's some. I do want to read Skippy Dies, and I wouldn't mind tackling that Somerset Maugham biography either.

**Minnesota Sarah, I threw this in there for you.