Sleigh bells ring, we can all stop listening.
Dark reading in the dark hours.

Truly the most wonderful time of the year.

Happy New Year!

Traditionally, I like January. I like the annual ritual of carrying as many bags of stuff out of my house as I brought in from the holidays (although this year it's tougher, as Mr. CR informs me that CRjr's stuff is not really mine to give away--decision still pending on this point). I like that there are fewer places to go and fewer things to do, meaning I don't worry about snow and the weather as much. I like getting back into routines, although the routine of trying to eat less and lose the mummy tummy is not one I'm enjoying much. Oh well. There has to be some downside to January.

One routine which I am thoroughly enjoying is my middle-of-the-night reading. CRjr is starting to sleep through for longer stretches at night, but he's still usually up once sometime in that 3 to 5 a.m. corridor. After I put him back down, I have been reading in the living room, which is lovely. It's a time of day when I don't feel guilty for not doing something else (can't clean! don't want to wake people up, and can't work! can't think clearly enough to do a good job) so I can just relax and enjoy a book. Granted, I'm reading some depressing things (reviews to come in the week ahead), but that happens sometimes. Anybody else got a favorite time of day for reading?

No new reading resolutions--although they're usually the only ones I keep. I am going to try and resolve to get more things done in the morning--if I leave stuff until the afternoon or night, I can pretty much guarantee it's not going to get done. Any resolutions out there? That said, I haven't yet done anything very productive this morning. I'd best get on that.