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Not sure what all the fuss is about...quite literally.

Get your Groupon on.

Well, today I thought I'd try something a little different. Over the weekend I got Mr. CR a stack of magazines from the library, and after I brought them home and he read them, he told me there was an interesting article in Wired about Groupon, coupon users, and other "retail hacks," and that I might find it interesting. I said, "Thanks...I wouldn't have found it by myself. I don't touch Wired magazine, it gives me the heebies."

He thought that was weird. (It's true, though. Wired is too "technology, technology, u-rah-rah!" for me.) But I did read the article, and found it interesting, and thought, hey I should post links to magazine articles once in a while...they're good nonfiction too! And sometimes, with all the links available online, I thought it might be nice if you could come to a page where someone said, "here, just read this one thing, it's interesting." Much easier than following a million links. And then, if we're all so inclined, we can discuss the article in the comments. So here goes!

Hacking Retail, Wired Magazine (Dec. 2010).

p.s. I don't actually use Groupon, and find all types of bargain shopping exhausting and maddening. But I still found the article interesting. Of course, it was in Wired magazine, so the general gist of the story was still "technology, technology, u-rah-rah."