Tuesday Article: Not one that's going to put anyone in a better mood.
The push and pull of memoirs.

Man, was she gorgeous.

My Yahoo homepage informs me that Elizabeth Taylor has passed away.

I was never a huge fan, but there are two movies of hers you absolutely must see: A Place in the Sun (which, title notwithstanding, is one DARK film) with Montgomery Clift, and Butterfield 8, which is just plain a spectacular movie. In fact, I need to see Butterfield 8 again, I can hardly remember it. I'll never forget A Place in the Sun, though; a million years ago when I was a film major I watched it a million times, to write a paper on Montgomery Clift. The two of them together onscreen is so beautiful it's breathtaking.

I've also wanted to read Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century. Maybe that'll get me out of my reading funk.