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Tuesday articles: Librariana

If you're a librarian, or you want to be one, and you're not reading RickLibrarian, you should be.

I love Rick's site because he reviews primarily nonfiction, and also because he reviews a lot of historical and biographical titles (and natural science) I'm never going to read. It's almost like we have opposite tastes, but in the best possible way.

But what I've really been enjoying the past week are his articles on what he does as a reference librarian. Reading the varied task lists actually made me miss being an on-desk librarian*, but I found them interesting. Rick's a thoughtful guy, and I love reading any kind of blog posts and articles by thoughtful people. I hope you do too.

*For about three seconds. Then I remembered trying (and often failing) to answer people's medical questions, pulling the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue out of the men's bathroom, and being in charge of the paper tax forms, and thanked my lucky stars that I'm lucky enough to be on a little reference librarian hiatus right now.