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Paperless society my ass.

Life Stories

This morning I'd just like to send a big shout-out to the librarians and library staff who attended my program (sponsored by the Adult Reading Round Table) yesterday on Life Stories (namely, biographies and memoirs). It was so lovely to meet all of you, and thanks so much for being good sports about participating. I just wanted to let you know your suggestions have been incorporated into the web page listing what we talked about--thanks again! And if you have any additional questions or suggestions for the web page--just let me know at [email protected].

We ran out of time before we got to talk about suitable nonfiction titles for book groups, so in the coming week I hope to get a list of suggested titles up--please do check back; I'll want your input on whether you think they're good "discussable" titles or not.

And, in other fun blog news, I got to meet the blogger Unruly Reader in person! It's always very exciting when that happens. All in all it was way more exciting than my Wednesdays tend to be. Thanks so much to everyone who attended!