Book Menage Day 3: The Birth of Love
Book Menage Day 5: The wrap-up.

Book Menage Day 4: Questions, questions.

And welcome back to our Menage discussion of Sherwin Nuland's NF title The Doctors' Plague and Joanna Kavenna's novel The Birth of Love! I have so, SO enjoyed this discussion so far; in fact, after I write this I have to dive back in to the comments of previous days and make sure I'm catching everything. What a great time--thank you all for participating.

I didn't have much planned for today other than to leave it open for others' questions. Here's the two, both about The Birth of Love, that people have asked:

1. What WAS the switching of the ultimate birth gender in the scifi part trying to suggest?

This question was asked in the comments yesterday, and now I have to go back and re-read TBOL to see if I missed that. This question is from Care--thanks, Care!--but I'm a bit confused. Care, could you tell me where the gender changed? (If you don't have the book anymore, no worries.)

2. The details of the birthing in TBOL seem pretty accurate--do you think the author has given birth? Did she keep journals about the experience, or does she just have a great memory?

If you've got any other questions, don't hesitate to ask--we can discuss any and all questions in addition to these! Thanks again for all the great comments. Have a good Thursday, all.