Book Menage Day 4: Questions, questions.
Tuesday Article: Twitter making us twits.

Book Menage Day 5: The wrap-up.

Well, I can't begin to tell you all how much I enjoyed this Menage. I'm going to wait a week and then re-read all the comments; there was so much good stuff here it's almost hard to take in over the space of just five days.

No questions from me today. But if there's anything else you'd like to discuss about Sherwin Nuland's The Doctors' Plague: Germs, Childbed Fever, and the Strange Story of Ignac Semmelweis or Joanna Kavenna's The Birth of Love, please feel free to do so in the comments. Any last thoughts you have on either book or the experience of reading both books together are also welcome.

Although, I lied. I do have just a couple more questions. Did you like the fiction/nonfiction Menage or should we go back to two nonfiction titles? Any suggestions for next time?

Thanks, all, and have a wonderful holiday weekend.