Tuesday Article: Twitter making us twits.
Poor dolphin.

The summer reading plan.

Evidently it is summer now. I know this because instead of turning on the furnace (which I had to do last week), I now have to turn on the air conditioning. Well, okay, I probably wouldn't have to. But I get warm whenever it's over 65 degrees out, so yeah, the AC's on.

Anyway. Normally summer comes and goes without making any sort of blip in my life. I don't camp, I don't swim, I don't go to the beach, I don't garden, etc. ad infinitum, so normally summer doesn't make any sort of impression on me except that I don't have to put on my scarf and hat when I go out for walks.* (In fact, one of the things I most miss about winter is my long coat--I have worn some scary outfits out and about, under the cover of my long coat.) But this year I feel like I should mark the season in some way, especially as the months are starting to fly by scary fast. So what's on the menu?

Well, perhaps fewer nonfiction titles. As you can probably tell, I am not flying through nonfiction the way I used to. Some of this is due to the arrival, last year, of CRjr. Now, CRjr is awesome. He's the tops. But he's also a bigger time suck than the Internet. (That's only fair. He's a lot more fun than the Internet too.) So I thought what I would do this summer is allow myself a more leisurely pace through some nonfiction I really want to read, and then spend a few posts talking about such titles in more depth.

On a related note, I'm planning to delve into my "basement books" a little more. Should be interesting to see what's down there. That collection consists mainly of books that I wanted around as a ready reference/reading library of sorts, so maybe I'll even learn something.

And, for the first time ever, I'm going to do a challenge! I'm totally doing this one, it looks like fun. This week I'll be selecting the Anita Brookner book I'm going to read. Delicious!

Any other suggestions for something I should tackle this summer? Some more fiction? Kids' books? Planting at least one pathetic tomato plant in my backyard so my farming parents and gardening sisters don't think I'm a total city person weenie (even though I am)?

*Oh, and instead of worrying about snowstorms and my loved ones driving in snowstorms, I worry about hail and tornadoes and my loved ones driving in thunderstorms. Same shit, different season.