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Nonfiction training: Looking for a few good libraries.

Update, 7/27/2011: Thanks to all who have responded to this post. I'm currently working with several libraries to test this online training stuff and work out technological kinks--if all goes well I hope to offer reasonably priced (and flexibly scheduled) online training services soon! -CR

Would any of you out there in LibraryLand be interested in receiving some training or a general presentation on the wacky and wonderful world of nonfiction books and readers' advisory? I'd like to set up a service whereby we actually use technology for good (you know, not the way Facebook uses it). From working in the library world, I've learned that a lot of training actually goes on at conferences and workshops, and although those can be quite a good time, not everyone has the inclination or the resources to attend those. And for me, right now, CRjr's a little young to go to conferences with me. He already appreciates food, so I'm thinking someday he'll also appreciate my favorites parts of conferences, namely taking breaks from the exhibits to get snacks, and eating out in different cities.

For those reasons, I'm interested in giving presentations online--either through Skype or some other type of web meeting software--and I'd also be interested in working with library staff members to serve as an ongoing resource person for all questions nonfiction. What I need now are a few good libraries to help me test technical kinks and answer a few questions about their training needs and resources: in exchange for your patience and information, I'd provide a free basic nonfiction presentation (or a free workshop on the nonfiction topic of your choice). If interested in helping me test this idea, please leave your name and email in the comments, or contact me directly at [email protected].

And p.s.--if you'd like to see the sort of presentations I give, click on any of the titles under the "Readers' Advisory Programs" heading at the right.