Book Menage: Joanna Kavenna's answers, part 2.
Oh, eighth grade, you were good times.

Tuesday articles: Reviewing the reviewers

The Tuesday articles are a day late this week, as I wanted to post Joanna Kavenna's email answers together.

Cindy Orr over at the Reader's Advisor Online blog recently had the great idea to compare and contrast how many books are given "starred" reviews in librarian-ish review publications (Booklist, Library Journal, Publishers' Weekly, Kirkus) vs. how many of those same titles ended up on the year's "best of" lists. It was really kind of an interesting project, and she draws some interesting conclusions:

Reviewing the Reviews: Part 1

and, Reviewing the Reviews, Part 2

I wrote an article for the series about, what else?, nonfiction. Here it is: Reviewing the Reviews, Part 3.