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Tuesday Articles: The bells continue to toll for Borders.

I'm ashamed to admit that I rarely visited my local Borders bookstore--I never felt like I could spend the money and once CRjr arrived it just seemed like too much to do to bundle him up in the winter and go out--but now that it's gone I find myself missing it. (I liked it better than Barnes and Noble, and most of the few indie bookstores in my city are downtown and not so easy for me to just drop in on.)

So I have been reading a number of articles about the end of the Borders era, written by former Borders employees:

Dispatch from a Dying Borders

The Day Borders Got the Wobblies

Those are two of the most interesting I've seen, and I found them both via Bookslut. Has anyone else seen any "memories of Borders" blog posts or articles around?