Two non-starters.
Fiction bender.

An honor just to be nominated.

I have never been real good at winning things.

In grade school, I was the kid who took home only one ribbon each year--the one for "participating." I've never been the strongest, fastest, or most competitive kid on the block, and those are all qualities which are pretty much imperative for winning end-of-school-year picnic prizes in elementary school.

So it touched my heart that someone nominated me for Best Nonfiction Blog at the Book Bloggers Appreciation Week site. There's only one small problem: I missed the deadline for accepting the nomination and sending what I thought were my five best posts of the year.


I know. Those are not real onerous requirements for accepting the nomination. And I did put it on the to-do list for my weekend. But as weekends tend to do around here now, the deadline weekend came and went and I missed it. So I'm going to award myself a (non)participation ribbon for this one and hope for better things, or at the very least the ability to finish off a to-do list, next year.

But I did want to say two things: 1. THANK YOU to whoever nominated me; I do appreciate it. 2. And do consider voting at the BBAW site--it really is a nice little contest, and I thoroughly approve of all the nonfiction blogs up for consideration.

Now I'm off to enjoy this weekend before it, too, starts to get away from me.