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Who exactly is Citizen Reader anyway?

Introducing: YOUR Citizen Reader.

Coming to a computer screen near you: online training for all your readers' advisory needs!

Let's be honest: it's getting tougher to find money in the budget for offsite workshop and conference attendance. And sure, there are great free training and RA resources on the Internet--podcasts and websites and archived programs, oh my--but who has the time to find the most suitable ones? That's where my new service, YOUR Citizen Reader, comes in: now you can attend workshops on a variety of RA topics, all from the comfort of your own computer.

What I Offer, As YOUR Citizen Reader:

A budget-friendly option: Because you won't have to pay any of my travel costs (and I won't incur any of my own), I can offer online talks and training sessions at reasonable prices.

Customization: You can tell me exactly what type of information you need, and I'll create a workshop specifically for YOUR needs. How often do you get to tell the presenter what you want?

Flexibility: You don't have to make plans to attend a specific conference or session; we can agree on a date and time that is best for you and your staff.

Low-tech options: I prefer to offer live sessions through Skype (meaning you'll have to download the Skype program onto your computer and sign up for a Skype account) but I am just as happy to offer different types of training: podcasts produced specifically for you (and which can be listened to at your convenience, simply by clicking on a URL); discussions by conference call; specifically designed print handouts and self-training materials; webinars using your meeting software; and even email discussions and support.

Workshop Topics include:

Nonfiction (nonfiction RA; specific types and genres; title awareness)
Literary and Mainstream fiction (fiction RA; specific types; title awareness)
Readers' Advisory (RA 2.0; Introduction to RA; indirect or passive RA)
Public Speaking (specifically for librarians and information professionals)
Professional Writing for Librarians (book reviewing; writing for publication; library and personal blogs)

How Do We Start?

I'm so glad you asked. Please email me at with questions or to start planning your training session today! And if you're wondering just who I am and what other training experience I have, please feel free to read about my qualifications.