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What is it with lists?

The end of pledge week, I promise.

Last overtly mercenary post today. And a short one--just a reminder, particularly as the holiday shopping season comes up, that if you shop for and buy books at Powell's Bookstore, I would ask that you consider doing so through this site. As I am a Powell's partner, if you follow any of the book links in the posts or the "shop at Powell's link" (at the bottom of the right sidebar), I get a small commission on any book you buy.

Also, it's just an idea, but if you're looking to support other literary web sites, all of the following are Amazon associates: The Millions, Bookshelves of Doom, and Bookslut. I try not to buy anything from Amazon, I think it's evil, but sometimes I have to, and I try to feel less hypocritical by following links from those sites and buying what I need to at least provide them with a little kickback.

And that's it! Next week we'll be back to nonfiction chat, starting with a rundown of the Time Magazine 100 best nonfiction titles list.