Best books overload.
The gift that keeps on giving.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Which is, incidentally, also my favorite Christmas* song. I listen to my Frank Sinatra version of it until Mr. CR wants to drown himself in eggnog.

I'll be taking a brief break from posting over the holidays, mainly because reading will take a bit of a backseat to a) holiday logistics and visits and b) holiday viewing. Typically around this time of year there are certain Christmas TV shows I must re-watch: The Vicar of Dibley Christmas Lunch Incident, the Northern Exposure raven pageant, and of course, Charlie Brown. All of that takes time. If I can squeeze in my annual reading of The Dark Is Rising, I will try, but either way, there just won't be much to post about.

*I've never understood the big fight about Christmas vs. Happy Holidays, etc. I don't mind when people say "Happy Holidays" either. The point is: enjoy the time of year and whatever it is you celebrate, even if it's just a return to calmer days and less consumerism in January.